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Club K4 and SAE Institute Ljubljana: Ableton Live Workshop

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22nd February 2013

Club K4 and SAE Institute Ljubljana are presenting an interesting workshop on Ableton Live.

Ableton Live is one of the newest and most popular computer programs for music production. It is suitabel for all who would like to create, record, produce and play live music. Because of its flexibility and inutiative workflow Ableton Live enables the user for fast and efficient solutions, which made the program extremly popular among many big names in the music industry.

The workshop will cover different stages of production and is suitable for all users and enthusiast of Ableton Live, whether they already are skilled Ableton users or rookies.

The workshop will cover:

- Live concept,
 - programming of melodic and rythmic sequences,
 - audio and MIDI effects,
 - creative processing of sound.

Workshop will be held by music creator and artist Antonio Križnič who is using this application since the beginning of his work, from 2002. Years of experiences supported by composition, exploring and experimenting lead to the point of overall understanding, which will be shared by Antonio with all music enthusiasts.

Antonio is currently working as lecturer and coordinator of Ableton Live Production short course at SAE Institute in Ljubljana.

Registrations are possible at info@klubk4.org and here participants will also get all further instructions about the workshop. Participatns will also get a working version of Ableton Live.

Entry fee:

5 with reservations, 8 at the day of workshop.

Price of entry fee also includes a coffe drink in Kavarna Metropol.