Creative Media Education


In which language are the courses taught?

All our courses are taught in English with support in Slovenian and Croatian language. 

How do I register?

For enrolling into SAE Institute please consider following steps:

  • Complete and sign the Registration form, attached in info brochure
  • Read and initial the Registration agreement on the back of Registration form
  • Include a copy of your ID card or passport 
  • Attach one passport-sized photograph 
  • Send or personally deliver all documents to SAE Institute 
As soon as we receive all relevant documents, we will send you informations for payment of Registration fee. Once paid, you are officially enrolled into course. 

Are there any registration deadlines for courses?

No. If you have decided for a course at SAE we recommend applying as soon as possible. Normally a lead time of three months prior to commencement of a course should be sufficient. 

Please note, if you are a non-EU student, you should consider time needed for applying for residency permit in Slovenia. In this case we suggest enrollment at least two months prior to commencement. 

Are there any further fees apart from those specified in the registration supplement?

No, however we recommend acquiring additional specialist literature for the respective course. We provide all necessary equipment and workstations for completion of practical work except for storage media.

Is it possible to work whilst studying at SAE?

Students following part-time courses will find adequate time to work whilst studying. Due to the intensive nature of the full-time courses, we do not recommend that students on these programmes work outside the Institute at the same time.

Should I do a full- or part-time course?

Your choice of full- or part-time study may be influenced by a number of factors: 

  • The amount of time you have available. For example, if you intend to work whilst studying, we would not, generally, recommend that you undertake full-time study. Ancillary to this, you should note that the full-time courses at SAE are extremely intensive and that, often, there are attendance demands placed on students that preclude their ability to commit to work outside the Institute.
  • Your living expenses.

Are the degrees awarded by SAE or Middlesex University?

Degree programmes at SAE are taught and administered by SAE and validated by Middlesex University, England. As such, they are jointly awarded by both institutions.

What is the relationship between theory and practicals?

Courses at SAE are taught ‘hands on’. This means that the theory lectures are supported by individual and group practical time for each student, using equipment that is housed on site. Theoretical topics are dealt with in formal lectures given at prescribed times and student performance is gauged through a series of tests and final exams. Normally, students are required to complete a set of practical assignments before being able to sit the final practical exams. In the final assessment for most courses, theory and practical are given similar weightings.

What are the employment opportunities?

Your job opportunities, after completing an SAE course, will vary according to a number of factors, the main one of which is the level of the qualification and the area in which you have chosen to specialise. Certificate and diploma courses are aimed primarily at vocational training whilst, in common with most Arts degrees, the SAE degree programmes offer a more broadly-based education in the Humanities in general and, thereby, extend employment opportunities beyond the scope of merely the audio and multimedia disciplines.

How many times per year do courses commence?

Courses commence twice a year, in April and October. Enrollments as such are possible all year around. 

Can i stop after first year of studies?

Yes. Should you wish to, make sure to notify us by no later than 6 weeks before the end of your course for your cancellation to be approved.

What is the SAE Alumni Association?

The SAE Alumni Association has been set up as a way to keep graduates in touch. As an Alumni member you can search for and find other alumni or just look for special offers from various manufacturers and SAE partners around the globe. There is also an active online job terminal where you can search for job opportunities that await you and a yearly Alumni conference.

What is the SAE Store and how do I gain access to it?

You must be a current SAE student or SAE Alumni member to gain access to our discount store. The store provides a large selection of study material, software and equipment at discount prices.

Why should i choose SAE?

Our institution has been well established for over 30 years and we are the only college of our kind whose qualifications are recognised and accepted internationally. Our buying power enables us to provide you with the very best selection of equipment and our limited enrollment guarantees you will have substantial access to it. Another important advantage is the trimester structure at SAE, which enables you to complete your course and join the workforce in an accelerated time.

Is it possible to obtain a student loan?

Yes, Nova Ljubljanska Banka and Gorenjska Banka have prepared special offers for SAE students.

Please note that these loans are available only for Slovenian students. 

For direct contact please see bellow:

1. NLB d.d.:

Poslovalnica Tržaška: Urška Mavsar 01 477 46 54 or urska.mavsar@nlb.si

Poslovalnica Trnovo: Cvetka Horvat 01 420 20 75 or cvetka.horvat@nlb.si

Poslovalnica Vič: Vesna Lenič 01 587 39 08 or vesna.lenic@nlb.si

Poslovalnica Krim: Aleksandra Pleše 01 236 31 95 or aleksandra.plese@nlb.si.

2. Gorenjska Banka:

Ksenija Rebol or Nevenka Baksa 01 231 22 50.