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iOS App Development Course

iOS App Development Course

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iPad and iPhone are mobile devices with currently one of the best marketing position and there is a big demand for knowledge from this area.  Course prepares you for first steps in the world of app development in a very short time. iOS App Development course focuses on gaining the basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with the main aim to publish finished application in the App Store.

Lectures are always accompanied with a web interface where students can watch screencasts and other learning materials, communicate with their collegues and solve small challenges in order to improve specific knowledge. Students keep their access to the web interface and all learning materials for a period of one month after the finished course.

iOS App Development is ideal if:

  • you want to develop applications for iOS devices
  • you want to get the knowledge to build you own basic app
  • you have some knowledge about web development and want to upgrade your knowledge in iOS development


  • SAE Institute iOS App Development certificate


  • 1 month

Entry requirement

  • Minimum age: at least 16 years of age upon enrollment
  • Written and spoken English
  • Personal portable computer

Theory lectures

  • Two lessons of 2,5 hours per week

Practical time

  • Individual bookings with personal support
  • Access to facilities at least 6 days per week


  • Taught in English (Slovenian and Croatian support offered)

Course content



JavaScript (jQuery)