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DJ / Producer Course

DJ / Producer Course

Gained a lot of usefull knowledge by the best.

student at DJ/Producer course

The DJ / Producer Course offers a creative and practical insight into DJing. Students will have the posibility to learn how to use turntables, vinyls, but also the more modern technology available today. This will focus on the usage of controllers and software such Native Instruments Traktor. Tips on how to do sets, arange and mix songs will be presented from the side of a well known DJ / Producer Mike Vale.

The DJ / Producer Course is ideal if:

  • You want to become a DJ
  • You are already a DJ but want to improve your skills
  • You would like to improve specific techniques
  • You want to experiment and self-develop techniques further on
  • You want to specialize in DJing after finishing MPC


  • DJ / Producer certificate
  • MPC specialized in DJing (if proceeding from MPC)


  • 1 month

Entry requirements

  • Minimum age: at least 16 years of age upon enrollment
  • Personal portable computer

Theory lectures

  • Two lessons of 2,5 hours per week

Practical time

  • Individual bookings with personal support.
  • Access to facilities at least 6 days per week.


  • Taught in Slovenian

Course Content


Turntables and Vinyl

DJ Controllers and Software


Developing a Style

Marketing and Promotion

Get an MPC specialized in DJing

Enroll in the Music Production Certificate than proceede to the DJ / Producer Course and get the MPC specialization in DJing. Want to expand your knowledge even further? Then the Audio Engineering programme is for you.