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Ableton Live Production

Ableton Live Production

Let your creativity flow.

Next program starts on June 8th.

Ableton Live Production course offers a creative in-depth look throughout the application, from fundamentals to complex combinations and production techniques. Fields like Drum programming, Synthesis, Clip Modulation, Automation, Equalization and Compression, Routing, Audio and MIDI Effects and more will be covered. You will gain full understanding of valuable techniques and devices Live has to offer and improve your music production skills at the same time.

The Ableton Live Production course is ideal if:

  • • You want to make music more efficiently
  • • You want to improve live performances
  • • You would like to improve specific techniques
  • • You want to experiment and self-develop techniques further on
  • • You want to specialize in Electronic Music Making after finishing MPC

  • Duration
  • • 1 month

  • Entry requirements
  • • Minimum age: at least 16 years of age upon enrollment
  • • Written and spoken English
  • • Personal portable computer

    • Awards

  • • Ableton Live Production Certificate
  • • MPC specialized in Electronic Music Makig (if enroled after MPC)

  • Lectures
  • • Two lessons of 2 hours per week
  • • Practical time

  • Additional Info
  • • Individual bookings with personal support.
  • • Access to facilities at least 6 days per week.

• Language: Taught in English (Slovenian and Croatian support offered).

About the Lecturer

Antonio Križnič is electronic music composer, performer and educator.

As an intensive Ableton Live user for more than a decade, he focuses on sharing his extensive knowledge and experiences with music artists and other like-minded people who are curious about innovative music concepts. 

He coordinates and teaches Ableton Live Production course on SAE Institute Ljubljana.

Antonio is Ableton Certified Trainer.

Ableton Cerified Trainer height=76

Course Content


You will gain familiarity with Live’s environment. A solid workflow and necessary background will be provided in order to understand more complex behaviour as we go deeper in discovering powerful tools and techniques.

Manipulating Audio

Live offers unique approach when dealing with audio, whether in the studio or onstage in real time. This section covers routing and recording audio, audio clip manipulation, editing, warping for remixing and performing, looping, composing and other techniques used for creative shaping and manipulation of audio.

MIDI Programming

Usage of MIDI instruments can really help you develop your production skills to a next level. We will discover drum and synthesizer programming using samplers and instruments, how to build Racks from scratch, MIDI clip functions, note editor, quantization, grooves and many more. 

Sound Design

Creative usage of effects and automation is a key to professional productions. Delay, modulation, distortion and all kinds of unique effects Live has to offer will be discussed through this field. Also, MIDI effects, Audio and MIDI effect Racks, various Clip and Mixer automation types and more will be covered. 

Mixing & Mastering

Whether improving individual audio parts or mix as a whole, techniques taught in this section will help you understand processing and tighten your sound. Putting frequencies in place using equalizers, controlling dynamics with compressors, side-chaining, M/S techniques, master processing chains are topics to be included. 

Get an MPC specialized in Electronic Music Making

Enroll in the Music Production Certificate than proceede to the Ableton Live Production course and get the MPC specialization in Electronic Music Making. Want to expand your knowledge even further? Then the Audio Engineering programme is for you.