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Music Production Certificate

Music Production Certificate

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The Music Production Certificate (MPC) program teaches students the foundations to create music using the latest digital music production technology. Electronic musical instruments, computer hardware and software systems are used to compose and manipulate music. Audio technique topics such as voice recording, effects application, mixing techniques and signal flow are covered in addition to the MIDI transfer chain and digital audio theory. Creative handling of hard disk recording and sequencing applications as well as learning about sampling and sound synthesis concludes this four month Certificate programme. The SAE Music Production Certificate is ideal if:
You make music and you would like to work more efficiently with your equipment You are into DJing and would like to create your own music You want an edge on your existing production techniques You would like to mix/remix music more effectively

Course Overview

Audio Techniques
Students learn sound theory, equalisation, studio effects and dynamic processors, analogue and digital mixing consoles. Students will examine various production studio set-ups in relation to project requirements.
Music Production
Music theory fundamentals, composition structure and arrangement techniques are taught in this section of the course. Mastering techniques for several media e.g. CD, vinyl and internet are also covered.
Hard-disk Recording
Through a program of consecutive practical exercises, students learn how to operate industry standard editing systems. Students gain skills in editing soundfiles effectively, as well as the creative application of editing techniques for vocal and instrument recording.
MIDI & Sequencing
Utilising industry standard sequencing software, students are trained in MIDI recording, sequencing and virtual studio environments. Integration of audio and MIDI for remixing is discussed and solutions are demonstrated. Students are encouraged to experiment with new ideas to achieve unique compositions.
Sampling & Synthesis
Samplers, synthesizers and virtual studio software is explained and various sound shaping techniques are explored. Sampling and beat programming are combined technically and creatively. Students are introduced to basic sound design.
Want to get an MPC specialised in a specific field?
Progress to a short curse (Ableton Live Production, Project Studio Production and/or Digital DJ) and get a specialization in one (or more) filed(s).

Entry Requirements & Application Process

Minimum age: 16 years
Written and spoken English (Slovenian and Croatian support offered)
Application Process
Please use the application form that is included in the Info Package. Fill the required fields and select your course(s) of choice. You may send the registration form by post or as a scan via email to ljubljana@sae.edu. Together with the registration form submit also a passport size photo and a copy of your ID card/passport.

Duration & Starting Dates

Duration: 4 months
Starting dates: February and September